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Before you make the decision to do postcard printing in Singapore which is the best marketing tool, let discuss why it is important for postcard printing Singapore. Four basic aspects for postcard printing Singapore that you need to aware of and these are the postcard size for printing, paper stock gsm, design file formats for quality printing and coatings which consist of gloss or matte. Each of these aspects of postcard printing Singapore has their important role to function so to ensure that you will get the best quality postcards.

When we mention postcard size, it doesn’t mean that there are only one standard size for printing postcard. It’s because various sizes or custom size requirement need different postcard printing machine equipment. The most popular print postcard size is A5 / A6 size for printing postcard.

260Gsm Artcard & 310Gsm Artcard are two popular paper stock that you need to be aware for printing postcard as it can either be glossy or matte. Print postcards in full colour will create much impact rather than using one colour printing. The glossy stocks material are far cheaper than the semi-gloss stocks material and that is why it is a much better choice for postcards printing Singapore.

As for the design file formats, it is important to check with your postcard printing company first as not all format are acceptable. PDF or 300dpi jpg are printing companies most favourite file formats.

A postcard is an efficient tool for marketing your product and services in building business relations. Some individual also have custom-made postcards for other own purposes. Many of individuals developed creative methods of using postcards for updating family and friends of their new address or whereabouts. Postcards are often used for invitations card and souvenirs for weddings, birthdays card and anniversaries card.

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